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Empower Your Business Potential

Comprehensive support for small businesses

ABOUT BlueDog Business Solutions

Empower your business's full potential with BlueDog Business Solutions.

Our dedicated team of experts is here to support and empower small business owners like you.


From day-to-day admin to streamlining operations, we've got the solutions you need to save time, energy, and money.


Conquer challenges and achieve success – because with BlueDog by your side, there's nothing you can't accomplish!

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Our Services

Meet Our Team

NH HEadshot 2.png

Natalie Hariram 

I specialise in helping start-up and solo business owners, to grow and scale their businesses.


Over the past 20 years, I have been working in, and, running a variety of small businesses.  I have lived the rollercoaster that starting and scaling a small business can bring.

Now, I use my experience and knowledge to help start-ups and business owners build the business of their dreams whilst keeping their life in balance.

Lets Talk!

The best place to start is a conversation, so let's talk 

We can answer any questions you may have or talk through how we can help you work smarter. 

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